Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hawaii Finder 2010-08-01

If you've been to Hawaii, you might know this one.

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  1. ChickenHead and GI Korea, who are both having problems posting a comment here, have gotten it right.

    ChickenHead referred to it as Fort Ruger, which is the military base set up in 1909 at Diamond Head. These stairs are toward the end of the trek up to the lookout at Leahi Peak on the rim of Diamond Head. There's a beautiful view of Waikiki and much of the rest of southern Oahu.

    The last time I was there it was jam-packed with "hikers." There were at least a hundred people on these stairs at the time, with the column going up stuck for fifteen minutes or more. There were more in the spiral staircase that is after this.

    We had to wait about ten minutes for the spiral staircase to clear out so we could go down again. But during that time we had a view of the southern coast, and we spotted whales breaching. Kinda cool.


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