Thursday, August 4, 2011

IE-IQ connection a hoax

By now you might have read this post at The Marmot's Hole. No, not the part about Jessica Gomes's boobs, the other part about a study showing that Internet Explorer users were found to have lower IQs than users of other browsers.

No, seriously, not the part about Jessica Gomes. Try to keep up.

Anyway, after some used this new study to impugn the intelligence of over ninety percent of the South Korean population, it turns out it's all a hoax:
In a statement on its website, Aptiquant said it "was set up in late July 2011 by comparison shopping website in order to launch a fake ‘study’.... The main purpose behind this hoax was to create awareness about the incompatibilities of IE6, and not to insult or hurt anyone.”
Well, I do agree with their anti-IE6 proclivities, but I'm not happy that they furthered the idea that social scientists are out purveying junk science in the process.

Anyway, I know you want it, so here it is:

Kudos to Ms Gomes for going on a magazine cover san raiment and sans le Photoshop.


  1. Just because the study was a hoax doesn't mean the results are not true. :P

    \end cheapshot at IE users

  2. Why would anyone want/need to photoshop Ms. Gomes fine, fine form?

  3. Douglas, I wholeheartedly agree with your rhetorical statement. But like pretty girls getting plastic surgery, there's an insecurity — not just from the girls themselves but also on the image makers who put them on covers and pedestals — that forces people to take the darned good and make it perfect.

    The fact is that Ms Gomes's (very slightly) blemished and puckered skin is normal, and every woman has it, but we have to pretend they don't, which just perpetuates the cycle of insecurity.

    And while I also enjoy slim women, I certainly don't mind a somewhat fuller figured person like Ms Gomes.

    1. "Somewhat"? Please :p You like 'em big and chunky. LOL. She's no J-Lo, someone who really qualifies for the term "full figured". That term has been misappropriated by fat women to make themselves feel sensual. Not all women have cellulite btw. It's just another myth to make certain women feel good about themselves, but a myth at that.


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