Monday, August 29, 2011

Recommend a blog!

One reader noted that I seem to read a lot of what he/she called "kvetchpatry"-promoting blogs, to which I replied I would love to hear about other good blogs.

So that got me thinking that I should put up a post asking for more such suggestions, something that might be worthy of the esteemed honor of being on the "Blog roll of blogs that list me in their blog roll (plus a few other blogs I like or check out)" or the uber honor of making "Our Daily Breadth."

So if you're holed up on the East Coast because of Hurricane Irene flooding, have at it. Everyone else, too.



  1. Because you need more online reading to waste your time. lol. Anyhow, a lot of people from the ESL wasteland read this blog, so if people have precious links that you do not want to taint with such eyes, I suggest you send it to kushibo through email.

  2. You could be more descriptive. Just any good blog?

  3. Well, since this is a Korea blog, here are some great travel blogs on Korea:

    Asian Culture Blog

    Korean Food Gallery

    Korean Food Blog

  4. Thanks for the recommendations.

    In Hawaii, Korea food blogs make me sad. There's very little in the way of good Korean food, or innovative Korean food, at least that can be afforded on a grad student budget.

    But the cheap eats are pretty passable, though.

  5. Well, if you are a good cook, why not make your own dishes?

  6. itissaid wrote:
    You could be more descriptive. Just any good blog?

    Well, I'm thinking more along the lines of Korea-related or at least Asia-related blogs, but I'm open to anything. When in doubt, just go ahead and send it through.

    Well, if you are a good cook, why not make your own dishes?

    My problem is I don't have the time or money these days to be a good cook. I prepare myself a very nutritious oatmeal every morning (steel-cut oats, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, and some fresh fruit of the day cut up and cooked with it).

    Back in Seoul, I ate easy-to-make bachelor food and ate out a lot. It's so easy and cheap to eat Korean food to your heart's content in all the mom-and-pop eateries, so I really didn't have to learn how to make anything. I should take a class, I guess.

    I do know how to bake, though.

  7. Well, if you want a quick and easy way to cook stews/hot pots, 손쉬운 찌개-전골 is good.
    The recipes are very simple and easy to make using minimal ingredients and taste very delicious.

  8. Wall Street Journal's Korea Real Time Blog

    The Diplomat (Asia-Pacific News Blog)

    Reporter Sohn Minah's Photoblog

  9. itissaid, thanks for all the links. I'm beginning to think you really are holed up somewhere because of flooding from Irene.

  10. Well, I had all those links before, but didn't want to post them all at once. Anyhow, no, I was not affected by Irene.

  11. Recommend my own, though its not something I go around doing (promotion),

  12. Interesting blog, noe. I left a comment at the "Chuseok is near!" post because the picture of the kids stripping down and swimming in the urban Ch'ŏnggyech'ŏn Stream as if they were back in the countryside kinda cracked me up. Heck, why not?

  13. A blog that really complements this one:

  14. YOU should read this blog:

  15. An astute discussion about the differences in Korean and Japanese food culture.

    카레라이스를 비벼먹어?

    A comic explaining the origins of Yakiniku.

    A review of good Korean history books to read for the beginner. (See 블루데이지's review)

    Why don't you recommend some books/links for learning about Korean history/culture?

  16. Naver blogs about Korea.


    Very interesting blog about the "balance of culture" in today's world.

  18. Love your blog a lot.

  19. I don't know if you'll like my blog or not, you don't seem to like my opinions. I sort of started it because you wanted to argue with me on One Free Korea. Well, not really, but that argument was the impetus that got me moving. Anyway, I've only been online a couple weeks. Google and Yahoo are just now finding me.


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