Saturday, August 20, 2011

World of Class Warfare

I've lately been getting into The Daily Show with Jon Stewart more and more. The way he calls out those crying "Class warfare!" as the ones actually engaging in class warfare was brilliant (links here and here).

 Indeed, America's Gini coefficient is abominable. That those who sit back and collect profits are called "the productive class" while those who actually work the day-to-day jobs are called "the moocher class" is a tad topsy-turvy, methinks. But then again, I'm one of those silly people who thinks the economic crisis began before 2009 and the national debt started to skyrocket when we got involved in two wars and cut tax rates so much we obliterated the budget surplus.

 Seriously, though, when I have occasionally watched/read the pundits on Fox News and other conservative sites, I've been amazed at how little the talking heads knew about the people they spoke of which so much disdain, whether they be the poor, immigrants, migrant workers, Muslims, and even minorities.

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