Friday, August 19, 2011

Jon Stewart on Rep Ron Paul: How has "Tea Party Patient Zero" become the media version of the 13th floor in a hotel?

I'm no fan of Ron Paul, who I think is hopelessly and scarily naïve on both foreign policy and domestic policy* and whose followers I've met typically (but not always) make up in enthusiastic certainty what they lack in knowledge of how things work.

But I think Jon Stewart makes a very good point that the mainstream media — including Fox and CNN — are doing a disservice to that presidential candidate from Texas and to voters by pretending he doesn't exist, especially when he is doing pretty well so far.

Of course, I'm still bitter that my main man Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico, was all but ignored by the same mainstream media during the 2008 Democratic primary process, even though he was probably the most qualified and most electable of the bunch.

* I'm not in complete disagreement with Ron Paul on everything (see here and here), but I think he's wrong on things like the Pax Americana being a bad fiscal decision. I agree with various Republicans on other things as well. For example, I do not think Christine O'Donnell is a witch, and Romney was right on the money with Romneycare. 

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  1. I saw the same John Stewart bit, and I more or less agree with you about Ron Paul. I think he'd make for a scary president but he has some good ideas that deserve to be heard. I love when he participates in debates because he says so many uncomfortable truths that make the other candidates squirm.


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