Saturday, April 7, 2012

Equal time

In the Trayvon Martin killing, I've pretty much come out in support of those who believe George Zimmerman was out of line on several counts, and that his racial profiling and aggressive stance are the fundamental reasons why the killing occurred.

But I thought I should give equal time to the other side. This gentleman's well articulated argument seems to typify most of those I've read in forums supporting Mr Zimmerman or trying to destroy the reputation of Mr Martin, so I thought he'd be the best choice.

Okay, then. Here's something I'm certain is meant to be satire:



  1. Looks like there is another one the media got wrong in their rush to judgment just to inflame racial tensions to augment their ratings without getting all (or much of any) of the facts first. I know it isn't your vaunted L.A. Times but I hope the source suffices.

    And this is why this will be the first presidential election of the two-party 1% that I won't be casting a vote in for the first time that I've been able to. It's also why as much as I love TV, I just can't bring myself to jump back into the cesspool that's about equally as shallow as the political one. It's sad that both of them have such a major say in how we are forced to lead most of our lives. When I imagine a world without these two evils, that world seems peaceful. No wonder both groups are against that--no ratings and no discontent.

    1. There's brilliant comedy right in front of you, and you're presenting this. Do I need to make an open thread just for you?

  2. Limbaugh in a coonskin cap.

    I like the "this is how come people are bullied in England" bit though.


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