Friday, April 13, 2012

The Shawshank Contraption (redux):
Reuters on South Korean prison robots

Jealous that the Associated Press gets to pretend they're the KCNA, Reuters has decided to pretend they're Arirang. They're reporting on the Great South Korean Prison Robot Test with a video that looks like it was put together by the Media Club at my high school.

Monster Island readers are already familiar with the prison robots (see here and then here), so they know the robots' capabilities and skill set: they can detect suicides and violence, for example, but not spelling errors...

Emerjency? Really?! Were there no pot-smoking English teachers in the foreigners' wing of the prison to run that by before you sent it off to the CG animators? (Oh, wait... maybe they did run it by pot-smoking English teachers.)

Man, that's just plain embarrassing. This is Reuters, dude. That means it will be seen by at least a dozen or so British people.

Anyway, I just noticed that Reuters's music at the start of each video segment sounds a lot like the Onion's. 


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