Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monster Island on Xbox Live on Windows Phone!

I knew I should have copyrighted the name Monster Island.

It seems Windows will be releasing a new game title for its phones. And while I probably won't get any royalties for the name, the hundreds or thousands of hits to this moderately popular blog, from people Googling "Monster Island Xbox Live Windows phone," should be consolation enough. [HT to M.A. of MS]

Here's a description of the app:
Monster Island is basically a monster-themed version of Fragger. Instead of a grenadier, you’re now a monster who must defeat invading monsters. Aim and throw five different kinds of monster grenades to destroy your stationary enemies. With four huge sets of levels, it offers plenty of bomb-throwing fun.
Change grenades to wittily pithy posts, and invading monsters to English teachers and/or other bloggers, and it's a perfect description of this site. The advantage here is that this site's free instead of charging you $2.99.

Note to visitors new to Monster Island (actually a peninsula). This is a great place to learn all about Korea, Korean politics, and all things Korea. Can't find what you're looking for? Ask Kushibo.



  1. Well, you created it first, so you may still be able to file a counter claim. It's not who registers the copyright, but actually created the product first that is considered the owner. You have a lot of online evidence, so . . . I would challenge it as they could ask you to stop using the name.

  2. well, if we're talking about things-that-mention-monster-island-that-aren't-the-simpsons, i think of kushibo every time i listen to mf doom's 'operation greenbacks.'

    shoutout to the monster island czars indeed, doom.

  3. Yeah, since the full name of this blog is actually a nod to The Simpsons, I doubt I'd have much luck in court against Microsoft. "Monster Island" is sort of a generic evil-sounding place, so I'd probably go nowhere with a lawsuit.

    Still, at some point it is sort of a brand as a blog, so I might be inclined to go after someone trying to co-opt the name in the blogopshere.

    And I would definitely go after someone using the name "kushibo."

    Super Eagle, thanks for the song.


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