Wednesday, August 29, 2012

North Korea sends its first Paralympian to the Paralympics, a Pandoran problem for Pyongyang

Perhaps as part if it recent charm offensive, North Korea is sending the country's first disabled athlete to the Paralympics. 

As the HuffPo notes, this is a bit ironic, considering the shoddy treatment the disabled have received in North Korea (or, as I might add, the way the Pyongyang regime produces disabled people through torture and abuse).

Still, I welcome Rim Jusong's participation. As the HuffPo suggests, maybe this really will inspire the folks back home. You see, the thing with opening all these Pandora boxes is that they're really hard to close when you're done with them. North Koreans are seeing the world -- and at some point they will insist on not going back. I'm holding out the possibility that the Swiss-educated, basketball-loving, writing on the wall-reading Kim Jong-un is counting on that. 

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