Thursday, August 9, 2012

North Korea's first lady Ri Sol-Ju with £1,000 Christian Dior bag

My working theory right now is that Kim Jong-un's new wife Ri Solju is being trotted out as North Korea's answer to Kate Middleton, to gain affection not just from citizens of the DPRK but also from the rest if the world.

But there's a seamy side to covering the royals, and if the paparazzi tasked with keeping up with the Kims can't drive around and snap endless pictures, the British press will find other things to report on, like Lady Ri's designer bag that would cost the average worker five years of wages.

Meanwhile, does the "Christian" Dior bag signal a move toward religious freedom (okay, now I'm just being snarky).


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  1. Well... she's Korean and she's got a wealthy husband. Predictable and a forgone conclusion. How is this news?


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