Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad (shoulda been iSlice)

Me wants. Me wants. And at $499, me might get.

Apple's cool video that introduces the whole thing is here.


  1. Physical form shows some debt to the MBA, in my opinion. Ought to be a winner, especially when it starts to get used en masse in the classroom, unis give one to each student on enrollment, e-textbooks included, with the odd desktop or laptop in class to handle complementary tasks...

    Should later integrate videoconferencing, and the world's your i-oyster...

  2. It's pretty cheap, enough for me to justify getting one despite my new MacBook Pro (well, new since August), but I may wait until the second generation comes out just to see what more they add, like the videoconferencing and what-not.

    But basically, if I can feel comfortable using the keyboard and typing out papers and stuff in Word (assuming it will run things like Word), I may never buy another laptop again.

    Oh, and what's the MBA?

  3. MBA = MacBook Air.

    The iPad looks rather like the cover/screen of an MBA, and the portability develops that of the MBA.

  4. MBA = MacBook Air.

    D'oh! I should have known that. Five hours of sleep is my excuse for missing that one.

    I was thinking of the Air connection as well. Since I have an iMac computer at home (er, in the dorm) to be the "parent," a scaled-down computer (only 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB) like the Air or the iPad is perfect for me.

    The Air's price, however, was a budget buster compared with the MacBook Pro, so I opted for the less cool but considerably cheaper Pro when the Grapefruit Juice Incident occurred. Now, however, I would first consider getting an iPad, as long as it could function as a note-taking device and allow me to do presentations, two things I'm wont to do in grad school and in my work back in Korea.

    The iPad versus the Air, of course, means that you have a touch-screen computer with the former, though you still have a high-powered computer with the latter, so I don't think this will adversely affect Air's sales too much.

    It would be so cool to pull out an iPad and show people stuff when I'm back in Korea.

    One thing I'll be looking to see is whether or not an iPad/iPhone combo will allow you to do "tethering" so that I can use my iPhone's 3G connection through Cingular/AT&T on an iPad. I cannot do that now with the MacBook Pro (I think AT&T won't let them, because it means more demand for bandwidth), but they might with the iPad (I'm thinking Apple may have done some arm-twisting on that).


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