Monday, January 4, 2010

Seoul grants asylum based on homosexuality

South Korea, still the realm of "Don't ask, don't tell," has been
inching toward some surprising examples of openness when it comes to
sexual orientation. Anyone who remembers Hong Sokchon being fired for
coming out of the closet may be surprised to hear about a gay
Pakistani man being granted amnesty for fear of persecution and even
arrest due to his family and the authorities.

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  1. aha! there really ARE homosexuals in Korea, of course the claim now will be only foreigners are homosexual, and it's a foreign disease (I know it's not a disease so don't start flaming me for THAT comment)... I guess you could then make a case that Koreans aren't really human since they're the only population on Earth not inflicted with the normal human conditions yet are affected by such strange things as fan death, that happen no where else on the planet.


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