Monday, January 4, 2010

WSJ on the cost of reunification.

The Wall Street Journal has a decent overview of the costs that the
South would endure if it were suddenly responsible for the North, an
increasingly relevant prospect, given the continuing erosion of
Pyongyang's grip.

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  1. I think the prohibitive cost will prevent genuine reunification for a long time, maybe a generation. A loose, nominal association is a more logical outcome, particularly as time wears on and younger decision-makers, less emotionally attached to the idea of reunification, take over. I don't think the Kim dynasty's idiocy is worth ruining the South.

    I think reunification would see some bad discrimination, as North Koreans replace foreigners on the low rung of South Korean society. North Korean men would replace Southeast and South Asian men as the 3D migrant labourers, and North Korean women would be the new mail-order brides for South Korean farmers.


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