Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Loose change for January 27, 2010

 Economic news 

 North Korea news and stuff 
 Other Korea-related stuff 

  • Here's an op-ed on grade inflation in the US that I helped someone find.
  • Pernell Roberts, who played Korean War-era M*A*S*H doctor Trapper John, but in a set-in-the-future spinoff at a civilian San Francisco hospital, died at age 81. He was also one of the Cartwright Brothers in Bonanza. The NYT also has a story.
  • Brian Deutsch went to Fukuoka and took a lot of pictures.
  • Should I buy my friend's Philips Senseo coffee maker?


  1. if you are going to grapple with kim ki-duk i declare myself his defender and am prepared for your review

  2. Well, how about you explaining what you think Hwal was all about, and whether or not you think it's misogynistic?

  3. Come on!... don't be stingy with the HTs!

  4. Indeed you did send me a link to the Hyundai Rotem cars being shipped, though I had that open before I saw your email. Still, I'll give you a HT. You milk that two-hour PST-to-HST time difference very well. :)


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