Friday, January 29, 2010

Is it my imagination...

... or is Stafford's new artwork holding up an iPad?

Indeed, that's what could be happening, since he seems to have gone gaga over the iPad.


  1. Kush... this is your last post about the iPad, right? I mean... it's like five or so in a row, right?

    You might need some help buddy...

  2. Metropolitician? I think you mean Stafford, an entirely different person.

    You can tell them apart because Stafford doesn't have shit following him wherever he goes. ;)

  3. I did mean that all as a joke, but hey, Metropolitician has an awful lot of blogs. Yours could have been one of them.

    And thanks for the "Spartacus" clips. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I'd never seen that film, and so I had no idea that that final scene in "Life of Brian" (which I finally re-watched only just a couple months ago) was a nod to the earlier film.


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