Saturday, May 7, 2011

We would like very much to ask you to shut the front door

When Donald Trump started bashing China, OPEC, and then South Korea on his Trump Stump tour, a bunch of people pointed out how, well, less-than-factual Mr Trump was being.

But these pleas for accurate statements from a would-be policy have fallen on deaf ears. In fact, what he says about China and South Korea seems to have become part of his routine, repeated over and over again until it's finally true, I'spose. (No, no, I did not just compare Trump to Nazis... but these people did).

The part about South Korea runs from 13:45 to 16:58 (twice as long as Rain's Hollywood career). You get to hear all about how South Korea "paid us nothing" for the US military presence (a bald-faced lie he keeps repeating). He also goes on about how a scared South Korea signed the FTA after the Yŏnpyŏng-do shelling, when in fact the FTA was signed in 2007 and the recent renegotiation was at the behest of the Obama administration, not Seoul.

As an added bonus, at 15:27 you can hear him briefly try on a faux Asian accent. I think even he realized that probably wasn't very wise (even if it is a favorite pastime of on-air Republican personalities), since he sort of stops himself halfway through:
We would like very much to sign contract. You are a wonderful, wonderful trading partner,” Mr. Trump recounted in an unctuous, chop suey accent. “We love you very much. Oh and would you mind sending over the great aircraft carrier the George Washington and about 17 destroyers because North Korea’s shooting at us.” [source]
Yeah, not terribly smart to run with that. And he's all about being smart. Because our current leaders are stupid, especially that African-American fellow who flunked out of Occidental but mysteriously made it into the Ivy League... or did he?!

Oh, and if you want to listen, right before the South Korean part, he rails against the Chinese. I will say, however, that I do agree with him on the currency devaluation issue. I don't agree with him about all the jobs having moved to China as being the fault of the Chinese, but I guess Trump wouldn't want to embarrass all his billionaire buddies who have been offshoring American jobs for years and years.

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