Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everything sunny all the time always

If you're like me, you never miss NBC's Thursday night line-up on Hulu. You are also lactose intolerant, a hopeless procrastinator, and you think pop music has mostly gone downhill since the 1990s.

Owing to a busy schedule, this being the final lap of the semester, I haven't yet made it through all of this week's Thursday offerings, but I did manage to catch this season's penultimate episode of 30 Rock, which featured Margaret Cho playing Kim Jong-il.

I shan't go into any details which might spoil the episode for you, but I will tell you I'm tickled pink that Tina Fey and crew decided to go co-opt a running gag here at Monster Island and make it part of the show.

I am, of course, referring to this and this:
above: Jury's out on this one. Could be a double, but could also be Kim Jong-il in his Margaret Cho phase. (Seriously, this guy looks like the guy two photos up, so they could be the same double.)
And especially this:
At any rate, I think the picture below supports a running theory I've had for a while ...

... that Kim Jong-il is actually a character created and performed by Margaret Cho. 
The 30 Rock episode didn't quite go in this direction, but still, I wonder if I really might have inspired NBC or Margaret Cho herself to have the All-American Girl ham it up as the Dear Leader. Or was this connection just obvious to everyone?

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