Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dude, where's my car?

This is a simple story of a guy going into convenience store in the south Orange County community of Laguna Beach, and then coming back to find his truck missing. The video shows exactly how it all went down. 

The whole thing made me chuckle just for the perfect way it played out. 

Watch the video. 

How does this relate to Korea? Well, one of the weirder "accidents" I had is one where the car in front of me at a stoplight on a very slight incline rolled backwards into me. The sixty-something driver came out and chastised me for rear-ending her. 

No, I explained, you rolled backward into me! I was even honking my horn at you when I realized what you were doing!

No, she retorted. You were honking at me because you knew you were about to hit me. 

When I realized that we were at an impasse and I was going to be very, very, very late for a highly time-sensitive activity, I got into her front seat, put it in neutral and took my foot off the brake and said, "See, 할머니 (Halmŏni, or Grandmother), without your foot on the brake, it rolls backwards." 

Between the time I had gotten into her front seat and the time I began my demonstration, she started yelling at me for messing up the crime scene. She wanted the police (who we each had threatened to call) to see exactly what had gone down, that's how convinced she was that she was right. 

And she was at least right that I shouldn't have been messing up the crime scene, but (a) I was in a hurry and (b) I am Kushibo and I can do anything I damn please. Anyway, once she realized that she had in fact probably rolled backwards into me, she quickly shifted gears (figuratively) and berated me for calling her Halmŏni. "I'm no halmŏni," she yelled. 

I apologized emphatically, if not earnestly. I was in a hurry and maybe she was right about this. All I cared about was not having to pay for someone else's car's damage (mine had sustained none, it being a bullet-proof Kia Sedona and all) and getting to where I had to go on time. I would have denied the Holocaust at that point if it somehow had become necessary. 

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