Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lazy American in training

Almost every Korean teenager knows the infamous saying that goes something like, "four hours success, five hours failure." It suggests that when you are going through the exam prep hell that is adolescence in South Korea, you will succeed if you get only four hours of sleep each night (and devoting the other twenty to school, study, and basic bodily needs), but if you get lazy and start getting five hours of sleep a night, you will fail to get into a top university.

Understanding modern Korean sociology starts right there

In fact, Sonagi once suggested I aim my cynical guns at this cultural meme.   

Anyway, CBS News in the United States reports on a child who believes the US Constitution prohibits homework. And the kid makes a good case for keeping schoolwork at school and letting kids be kids. Part of his pile of evidence says that kids who do more homework do more poorly on standardized tests. Whoa, I wonder if South Korean moms can get their head around that one (if it's true).

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