Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sea turtle in Hanauma Bay

This is why every person visiting or living in Hawaii should own an Olympus Stylus 770SW underwater camera, or equivalent (Olympus has newer waterproof and shockproof models with more colors or more pixels). The above shot was taken one lovely January day, when the rest of the United States (and Korea) was freezing their rear ends off but it was arm enough to take a dip in the Central Pacific. 

I named him Snappy. 

This is not my best camera work. I'm trying to keep up with a sea turtle, which sounds easy but in fact is a bit hard to do when you're swimming with only one arm (which tends to make you swim in circles). Plus, if you're like me, then you are not as evolutionarily adept at swimming through the sea as a multi-finned amphibian. 

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