Monday, February 16, 2009

Recipe for a fat-assed American

Courtesy of Sonagi, here is a link to "This is why you're fat." 

Whiskey tango fu¢k! If you're eating this kinda crap, I don't think even resveratrol can save you. [UPDATE: According to "submit" in the comments section below, resveratrol could actually kill you if you've been eating this kinda crap.]

The above picture is one of the least offensive of the bunch. I chose to post that one only because it includes a Krispy Kreme donut, which is an occasional guilty pleasure ("occasional" only because there are none here on Oahu and they are a good walk or drive away from either home in Seoul or Orange County). My consumption of Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, however, never includes sloppy joe meat, as is depicted in this picture. 

I'm trying to think what kind of thing I could take a picture of back in Korea that would be worthy of the "This is why you're fat" website. Maybe samgyŏpsal (삼겹살, sam•gyŏp•sal; also samgyeopsal), which is thickly sliced "bacon" with three layers of fat to it (sam means three), usually consumed with copious amounts of alcohol. 

So that's the scene: In Korea people will gather in the evenings to sit in front of a hibachi to cook thick bacon while drinking alcohol. Why more rednecks don't come to South Korea to teach English is beyond me. There's even "South" in the country name. 

Ogyŏpsal (오겹살, o•gyŏp•sal; also ogyeopsal) with five layers of fat (o means five), is probably worse. But these things are also consumed with loads of veggies, so I don't think it quite makes it to the fried Twinkie leagues. 

I guess in Hawaii we might have some contenders. This is the only part of the United States where Spam™ is considered a wholesome ingredient. McDonald's serves a local breakfast specialty that includes Spam™ and rice. And a local chain called Zippy's seems hell-bent on singlehandedly killing off 8% of the population. 


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  2. submit wrote:
    Resveratrol amplifies profibrogenic effects of free fatty acids on human hepatic stellate cells.

    Thanks for the link. Until I read that, I had no idea that overweight people might have a problem with resveratrol.

    Fortunately, I am still a slim person, owing to years of a low-fat Korean/Japanese/American diet and three miles of jogging most every day.


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