Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"The Simpsons" makes a reference to the Korea beef protests

A very obscure and highly vague reference.

Courtesy of last Sunday night's episode:


  1. How does this relate to the beef protests?

  2. These Americans going to a Korean BBQ place where the beef spells out the date of your death!

    In Korea, the beef protesters were equating American beef with death!

    Don't you get it?!

    Ah, who am I trying to kid? It was a lame excuse to post a fresh Korea reference from the Simpsons, one that made me chuckle (and one that may possibly have been an inside joke among the Korea-based animation staff).

    Anybody reading my blog should understand one thing: some of the things I write make sense only in my head, leaving everybody else scratching theirs.

    I'm like a Far Side cartoon that way.


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