Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hyundai. Rhymes with Sunday.

But not with "Sontag" and "日曜日."

Someday in the future, perhaps an Indian or a Chinese automaker will depict an angry Korean executive shocked at the success of the upstart's entry into the luxury car market. And, yeah, that might raise my ire just a bit, especially if I own Kia or Hyundai stock. But in the meantime, this Hyundai Superbowl ad made me laugh: 

Oh, and I might seriously getting a Hyundai Genesis Coupe when it comes out.

May Hyundai have a repeat of last year's successful Superbowl ads.

The whine cellar at Marmot's picks apart the ads (it doesn't help that Marmot's own headline is a bit of an exaggeration methinks). Apparently the one with the faux BMW and Lexus execs is "borderline racist."

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