Saturday, February 21, 2009

One less reason to watch Survivor 18

The bastards of Timbira Tribe unanimously voted 31-year-old attorney Candace Smith out of the tribe. Now viewers of "Survivor: Tocantins" are left with an even higher concentration of not-so-average Joes and Janes (there's another model, as well as the Grammy-nominated wife of a famous former NFL player and current football commentator; in fact, Candace herself is a former Miss Ohio). 

That was my complaint last time as well. I liked the people, but one of the contestants was a freakin' pin-up model (do they still make those?!) and another was a professional gamer, for criminy's sake! Candace may have been a bit too headstrong and talkative (two traits I happen to like in women), but at least she was a regular person. And she certainly had other positive attributes. 

Survivor contestants, take notice: If you're not a bunch of everyday folks whose realistic interactions make for great psychological and sociological insight AND you're going to vote off the cute women in the early episodes, especially the ones who are inclined to walk around in their bra and panties or at least skimpy swimwear, I may eventually end up watching "Ugly Betty" on Thursdays instead (that is, if NBC never gets their act together). 

And Candace Smith, if you're reading this, if being kicked out of your tribe in a total blindside has left you seriously bummed, come out to Hawaii and I'll help you put the whole, terrible experience out of your head. 

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