Friday, February 20, 2009

Letterman Top Ten things overheard at Kim Jong-il campaign headquarters

Most of these aren't that funny, but David Letterman aimed his nightly "Top Ten List" at next month's sure-thing parliamentary elections in North Korea.

On a more serious note, the Dear Leader's third son, 25-year-old Kim Jong-un (also spelled Kim Jong-woon* and pronounced kim chŏng•ūn; 김정운/金正雲), has registered to run as a candidate. North Korea observers believe this is a part of "the process of designating the leader's successor."

* The name Kim Jong-woon is shared with pop singer "Yesung" of Korean boyband "Super Junior," who is about the same age. Oh, what clever sit-com storylines we could write if those two ever hung out together in Pyongyang. 

[above: Kim Jong-il's three sons: See all evil, Speak all evil, Hear all evil.]

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