Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A belated commemoration of the 잊혀진 전쟁

I was so busy and rather sick (a cold, mostly fended off with Zicam) during this past week that I entirely missed the 59th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. It's times like these that I wish to express gratitude to all the men and women in South Korea, the United States, and UN Forces member countries who died or otherwise risked their life for the defense of the Republic of Korea, without which the southern half of the peninsula would not enjoy the freedom and prosperity it does today. 

I make it a habit to tell any Korean War veteran I encounter how grateful I am and, if time permits, ask them a bit about their service. You'd be amazed how few people actually do that. 

Here's also hoping that someday soon the other half will also enjoy these benefits. And what better time to link to my June 2006 post on the same subject.

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