Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jack O'Melons

Courtesy of the Joongang Daily, here are jack o'melons:

Typical Korean fluff in the yellow journalism tabloids known as the Korean press. There are millions starving up north and South Koreans are ignoring the whole issue and playing with their food. Blood ties, my aßß! Disgusting! What a waste! This whole country makes me sick.*

* This is what I would have written about this cute picture if I were a mindlessly Korea-bashing kvetchpat. 


  1. I've seen these around at a few other festivals. Speaking of carved watermelons and what a waste, the papers were running this set in black and white.

  2. This post gave me a hard on. Why is it newsworthy for the Korean press? Does it show the same world-class dexterity with the hands that all Koreans possess from the unique way they use chopsticks, thus making them smarter and more creative?

  3. Melon carving shows the true creativity and dexterity of the Korean people. Using metal chopsticks and making kimchi has contributed to Koreans becoming world leaders in melon carving while showing a dedication to our 4 season climate. Melons can be carved in any season, while pumpkins are only carved in Fall. Clearly westerners are too busy smoking marijuana and molesting children to take the time it would require to make such beautiful designs. If only the west could learn to appreciate fine melon carving, they would know that Dokdo is Korea. *

    * = if this post were written by a lunatic kimcheerleader.

  4. if this post were written by a lunatic kimcheerleader

    Yeah, I considered going that way as well.


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