Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exhibit 62 why you shouldn't choose your cartoonist through contests involving submissions of box tops from Froot Loops packages

Kushibo is tired today. Be misanthropic for Kushibo in his stead. 

But don't be stupid. The people who left comments at the Korea Times site were stupid. For starters, it appears one thinks the cartoonist is Korean. Not only is the cartoonist not in Korea, he's not even Korean. He's like a French guy living in Bangkok (heh heh heh... bang... kok). 

And then there's this guy:
North Korea has no business in Internations Sporting Events. For one, they are a Menus to all Mankind. They are sub-human, full of filt, North Korean s should be ban from travel or the particpation in all World Sports.
"Menus to all Mankind"? Those menus would come in handy if you had some Twilight Zone-esque restaurant who specialized in serving man. 

Kushibo is on a roll today: That's the second reference to black-and-white classic television I've made in the last six hours.


  1. It would have helped if he'd drawn the right Ronaldo though. The one who plays for Brazil doesn't have any hair. The one drawn looks like Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Portugal.

  2. I'll take you word for that. I know less about professional soccer than our kindergarten cartoonist does.


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