Wednesday, June 3, 2009

July-thru-June gloom

Mark Twain once famously said that the longest winter he ever spent was one summer in San Francisco. Well, maybe not THAT famously, since Kushibo can't remember exactly how that goes.

I went from a sweaty 86 degrees to a bone-chilling 55. After being subject to a freezing plane in am aisle seat next to two ELUs (excessive lavatory users) who kept tapping my shoulder to wake me up each time I managed to mentally block the cold, hunger, and discomfort and finally fell asleep on this HNL-SFO redeye.

Why was Kushibo blanket- and pillow-less? Despite having a confirmed seat, I was forced to wait until almost all had boarded this Northwest flight in order to get my actual seat assignment.

Concerned that I had somehow been placed on standby or, worse, a fake kushibo had sent a particularly nasty fake kushibo post to the TSA on my behalf, I asked — ever so politely and with the highest order of aloha spirit — what was the reason for the change.

"Next time book on," was the surly reply. NWA sure means SOMEONE with an attitude.

So I'm off to the rental, hot chocolate in hand, munching on a pumpkin and cream cheese muffin from Just Desserts. Okay, the morning is getting better. Let's hope in my sleep-addled state I don't run into a snowbank.


  1. Get it right brother. "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

  2. Writing in third person...AAK would be so proud.

    Great time to leave HI, hating the heat. At least the vog cleared up...somewhat.

  3. nb, you're right and I realized that as soon as I sent it out. To be fair, though, it's kinda hard to create posts with one finger on an iPhone.

  4. Goku, I don't know why I'm possessed sometimes to write in the third person and other times write in the first person.

    As for the vog (for those of you not in Hawaii, that's the gases emanating from the volcanoes: volcano + smog), I guess I haven't noticed it. Several decades of California ozone plus Seoul particulate matter has made me impervious to lesser forms of pollution.


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