Monday, June 8, 2009

Ling and Lee convicted and sentenced to 12 years in labor camp

Few will be surprised by the conviction (I certainly wasn't), but the twelve years of labor is a harsher sentence than many North Korea watchers had anticipated, including me.

One wonders when/if they'll begin the labor at the labor camp. 

[above: An anti-Pyongyang protest in Seoul. Is anybody besides me a bit bewildered by there being no photos of these two women out except these, especially since Euna Lee's looks like its original purpose was for something unprofessional? Not that I'm trying to make light of their plight or anything.]


  1. Yes, I also wondered what was up with that photo.

  2. Actually, I was going to leave a comment about Euna's photo and noticed Brian's comments and then went back and saw Kushibo's caption as well. Yeah, I wondered why her family didn't release some kind of passport style photo or something less casual. It's a very odd photo to use in this serious situation. It kind of looks like a webcam pic. Oh, and back to the real topic, I think they will not actually do 12 years of labor. They will be released early in exchange for something the North wants. It's like when a kid uses the cleaning his room chore in exchange for being allowed to play video games.


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