Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kushibo's laugh-out-loud comment of the week

Linkd is one of my favorite Marmot's Holeians, if that is even a word. In the comments section on The Marmot's post on plans to set up a foreigner-only prison, this remark made me bust out loud and startle a nearby cat:
How much will Kangnam ajummas pay to get their kids into this place?
Well done, Linkd. I hope you will continue to grace the Marmot's Hole with your presence after you open up that liquor store on the Canadian steppes. 

I also thought KrZ, who spent time in a Korean jail awaiting extradition to the United States, provided an interesting perspective:
Korean jail, and from what I heard while there Korean prison, are delightful places compared to the U.S. I was housed with a Korean with American citizenship and two Chinese and we all got along splendidly for the four months I was there. The KA had been there the longest and was the oldest so he sort of set rules on keeping the place clean and tidy, which is necessary when you have four guys in 4m^2, but he wasn’t a dick about it, nor was he bossy. We mixed with Korean prisoners on the yard and when going to visitation/the doctor, and they too were generally very friendly and sociable. I would much rather have stayed in Korean prison for 3.5 years than in US prison for 2.5 years, even the food alone would make that a good deal.
Interesting. My own thoughts on the segregation of foreign nationals in the Korean prison system are in this post's comments at Brian's.

Oh, and don't expect anything that's entitled "of the week," "of the day," or "of the month" to necessarily be presented every week, day, or month. Kushibo just doesn't have that kind of attention sp... That dog has a fluffy tail!

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