Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Because KJI deserves it, I guess.

The K-blogs are an incestuous place, with most blogs seeming to list the same usual suspects in their own blog role. Even the hated apologist sock puppeteer Kushibo is on many blog rolls (if only so people can feel better about themselves). Consequently, the only place I get much exposure to new blogs is through List of the Day, but those rarely have anything to do with Korea. 

But sometimes they do, like when the individual responsible for "People Who Deserve It" rants about Dear Leader Kim Jong-il seemingly twice a week in his "biweekly gangbang." On June 12:
#1- North Korea (again): WTF you crazy Koreans??? The rest of the world calls you a bunch of hogwild terrorists after you decide it’s a nice day to test your nukes and your rebuttal is to kidnap two innocent journalists and sentence them to 12 years of mining and whipping? That seems like a great way to rebuild your image. Maybe next you could rape some babies while they’re still in the womb.
Ouch. And on May 29:
#5- Kim Jong-il: Well, duh, right? But guess who just joined Twitter? That’s right, everyone’s favorite nuclear warhead operator. But don’t worry, Kimmy doesn’t post anything but butterflies and unicorn lies on his page, which wouldn’t even matter, because most Koreans are banned from using the internets anyway. Tweet. Tweet.
Feeling as misanthropic as I do lately, perhaps Kushibo should begin a "those who deserve it" weekly post or something. And I would start with people who twitter, particularly those who would correct me and say, "No, it should be people who tweet." Oh, yeah? Tweet this, mưþher fü¢ker! (It's a neologism, aßßhole, so there is as yet no set-in-stone way to say it.)

Really, why do we even tolerate such unearned smugness, much less encourage it, as The Marmot does on his blog now?! When did we start letting people with so much time on their hands and so little real-world responsibility feel like they were superior to us? 

Look, if you want to impress me with your ADD-fueled thumb-tapping, take down a government with your tweets. For a while there, it looked like you might succeed with Iran, but as that dies down (apparently) I'd say you dropped the ball. Who looks foolishly full of themselves now, huh? (And please don't reply that I'm an apologist for the Ahmadinejad just because I'm mocking you and I can spell his last name.)

But you have another chance, twitteristas. On July 23, they're holding a presidential election in Kyrgyzstan, an incredibly corrupt country that is also so fearful of Moscow that they'll fall to their knees and do whatever Putin wants if a bevy of Russians even threatens to fart flatulate in their country's direction.  

By the way, Kushibo is on Twitter. But don't expect any tweets out of me. I'm really doing it just to piss off and/or fluster the perpetual twittererers, since I suspect me not tweeting kills off small clumps of the twits' brain cells every five minutes or so.

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