Saturday, June 20, 2009

Korean iPhone sneak peak

Kushibo has connections. I promised them I wouldn't blog about this but since they didn't fix my stuff for free last time, I'm just evening things out karma-wise. I just got a hold of the new Korea-based iPhone 3Gs and it is way cool. 

It's set for a July 4 release for the 3G-s (the newest one, "s" for speed) with an "Independence Day" themed publicity campaign (independence from mundane phones). The regular 3G (now on sale for $99 in the US) will be released on August 15 ("Independence for everyone else"). But they will be randomly giving away iPhone stuff (but not phones) on July 3 to people who walk by, as an enticement. The best thing about it is ...



  1. Although it sports 한글 capabilities, it clearly shows the AT&T logo on the screen. Rumor busted.

  2. Heh heh... Yes, prank revealed.

    Nothing I wrote, to my knowledge, has an grain of truth to it.

    Indeed, my iPhone, like my Macintosh computers, has been capable of not just Korean input but running the entire OS all in Korean, from the day I bought it last summer. I also have it set up for Japanese input, for easier kanji/hantcha input and because I communicate with a lot of Japanese speakers.

  3. With the flurry of "iPhone in Korea" rumors swirling about these days, I don't know who to believe...but I do know that I cannot believe anyone :)


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