Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update on Matt Robinson's case

In an update to this post on hospitalized expat Matt Robinson, who is in dire need of surgery, Brian in Chŏllanamdo has supplied some current info on the situation. The bill is at 16 million won and this doesn't even include the surgery.

The charges are all laid out:
Medication - 2,500,000
Doctor's Fee - 94,460
Admission - 940,280
Meals - 922,720
Prescriptions - 135,732
Anesthesia - 614,858
Treatment - 419,354
Operation - 689,923
Examination - 1,340,067
X-ray - 71,268
Medical Expendible Supply - 784,169
Sonogram - 110,000
Blood Transfusion - 378,656
Specialist Fee - 865,950
Room - 38,000
Other - 10,000
If he had Korean national health insurance, most of these would be significantly cheaper (though it might still be several million won), but not every drug, treatment, or procedure is covered by NHIC. Still, even without insurance coverage, these are hella cheaper than what they would cost in the US.

To friends of Matt who are reading this, some updated photos would be nice for the blog posts, as well as updates on his condition and his general spirits.


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