Monday, June 15, 2009

Police accuse head of anti-drug program of selling drugs at Starbucks

I don't care for much of the Korean press. There are some truly good people out there (lots of them, in fact), but there are also quite a few agenda-driven folks and some others who simply don't follow good journalism (getting both sides of the story, verifying facts, not repeating rumor and innuendo as if it's fact, etc.). Even the Korean public knows that much of what they read can't be trusted. 

But one reason I just go ho-hum at some of the Korean media stories and their comments sections that have so many people so outraged in the K-blogs is that I've also seen that it's by no means a function of just Korean media. I myself have been misquoted and had my words distorted in both Korean and American media, so I have no pie-in-the-sky illusions about how professional and ethical some of the Western media is. Then there are the comments sections in papers like The Orange County Register, which jump into tirades about illegal aliens no matter what the topic. 

And then there are things like this. The headline of this post is the same as the headline in the paper. Read it and see if, by the end, you think the headline was at all appropriate. Go on, I'll wait. I've got a Starbucks and a sudoku book. 

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