Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gratuitous bikini post

Kushibo remembers when 99% of Korean women wouldn't have been caught dead wearing a two-piece swimsuit in Korea (and only about half would wear one outside of Korea). 

In fact, Kushibo's former fiancée, who was extremely self-conscious about her body image, would only wear a "one piece." Each year when she announced I was to take her shopping for a "one piece," I'd ask her which one, top or bottom. Then she's call me a 변태 for the 4538th time. It was our "Say good night Gracey" moment played over and over again (and that's three!). 

Nice, but you’d think the mosquito sprayers would wait until after the fashion show was over. (That's right, Kushibo is a joke recycler. And if you don't like, fu¢k you, because Kushibo has recently become a misanthrope: I must work STFU and/or FU into as many posts as possible.)


  1. There she is again... Kushibo's ex fiancee mentioned. You miss her, don't you?

    Just teasing. Don't hate me.

    Korean women said that they wouldn't wear bikinis over one-piece suits because they claim themselves to be super conservative. That's just in Korea.

    The first thing my female students did when they were in the Philippines was buy BIKINIS, ask where the nearest poolside were and voila! Afternoons spent drinking galore, and weekends on Mindoro (a gorgeous beach resort) looking out for a booty-call.

    And they also kept on complaining about their weights... nonetheless wearing micro minis or short shorts almost showing their C-U-Next-Tuesdays with hooker heels, hoping that they could hook up with one of the hot Filipino teachers (it happened) or one of the hot Korean singles for a quick couple months' worth of f*ckfest (also happened).

    Did i mention these are female students?

  2. reijene wrote:
    There she is again... Kushibo's ex fiancee mentioned. You miss her, don't you?

    Actually, there have been more than one. I shall say no more.

    And truth be told, I do miss most of the ex-girlfriends or ex-fiancées I've had — which actually hasn't been a lot. I've averaged one serious relationship every two or three years.

    Did i mention these are female students?

    Not really a surprise. A lot of Koreans find it very liberating to be outside the confines of Korean social hierarchy, at least in terms of dating. In particular, those who desire a chance to sow their wild oats before settling down to a proper life of working in an office and getting married and having that 1.2 child are especially likely to seek out chances to study abroad.

    I noticed a similar thing with Japanese studying abroad, but with the Koreans who study in Japan and the Japanese who study in Korea being — on average — considerably more conservative (i.e., more conforming to back-home social norms). Maybe it's because Korea and Japan offer for each other a similar social hierarchy, and it's so close to home.

    But I wouldn't say that all Koreans (or Japanese) who study abroad (other than Korea or Japan) are wild girls trying to get their freak on. As my friend "M" likes to say (and others have affirmed her characterization), the Japanese females studying in Hawaii can be categorized as either "saints" or "sluts." And the students are far more likely to be the conservative non-freak-getting-on type than the tourists, some of whom seem to think Hawaii is some raunchy paradise and they get upset if they don't hook up with someone (even if it's not a sexual encounter) while they're here.

    Anyway, "M" was bemoaning the "slut" side of the equation, since it meant that "icky old guys" (local Whites and sometimes Asian-Americans) would prey on her in Starbucks near her Waikiki apartment. Others reported the same thing, usually with them initiating the conversation by asking "Why the hell are ... ?"

    I guess they didn't get the memo.


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