Thursday, March 3, 2011

Korean images of "English teacher"

I was going to insert some "artwork" in the previous post. Naturally, since it's about English teachers, I did a Google image search for "영어 강사" (literally, English instructor).

I kid you not: these were the prominent images that popped up on the first page...

This is Almond Tease [source], apparently a formerly Canada-based porn star who returned to Korea to teach English.

Here's another [source]. The Googlers really seem to like her.

And this is Black Quincy [source], an English teacher who decided homemade porn would be the way to fame and fortune.

At least, this Christopher Neil guy above didn't pop up on the first page of the search, but he was in one of the Almond Tease articles.

Nice. I don't know what Google's search algorithm is, but my understanding is that current results are strongly influenced by the popularity of past choices.

And it's not all porn and infamy. We finally have a photo that doesn't require pixelation to hide her identity. Above is an actress playing an English teacher that figured prominently in the image search [source]. Figured prominently. That was sort of a pun. I know slim likes those.

Anyway, it's no wonder so many English teachers think SoKos "hate whitey."

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