Thursday, March 3, 2011

So I'm not going to get the iPad2,
but dang do I want that iPad2 cover

Okay, okay. So now the iPad has the two cameras, it's way lighter and thinner (thinner than my iPhone4!), while way faster. Plus all kinds of neato junk on the inside.

But it has no retina display! Steve Jobs, you just don't understand. Ever since you put all those teeny-tiny pixels on my iPhone4, giving me a crisp, clear picture that is just a beautiful pleasure to behold, I simply can't go back. Looking at the iPad1's screen — which has the same pixel numbers as its successor — I just want to go back to looking at my iPhone4. Screen-wise, the iPad is, well, like looking at my MacBook Pro.

Okay, sure. These have great screens in and of themselves, but now I've had a taste of heaven, and everything else seems so, well, plain.

So I'm going to wait for the iPad3*. Don't disappoint me.

Oh, and for those of you in South Korea who will get the iPad2 anyway, it appears it will be released toward the end of the month, a couple weeks after the March 11 release date here in the US of A.

But that Smart Cover. It's perfect: It doesn't obscure the beauty of the product (like my wine-colored silicone case does with my MacBook Pro or even my bumper does a bit with my iPhone4), yet it appears to be highly functional. And that video... it's like Pixar made the product for them [UPDATE: Steve Jobs made the same Pixar comment!].

MacWorld has a nice overview of the specs on the new iPad, including comparisons with iPad 1.

* But I will be seriously tempted to get an iPad2 to replace my current thirteen-inch MacBook Pro, instead of an eleven-inch MacBook Air, if there is ever a repeat of The Grapefruit Juice Incident of 2009.

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