Sunday, March 27, 2011

SK Telecom to buy Blockbuster?

Perhaps SK Telecom execs should read my blog: It seems they are surprise bidders in the auction to sell off the severely/fatally/very badly hobbled Blockbuster video rental company.

This is either a shrewd move where SK Telecom plans something really innovative with Blockbuster's resources, or it's a case (à la Korea Development Bank trying to buy Lehman Brothers) where a decidedly unsavvy group in South Korea does not understand how toxic a bargain-basement asset really is.


  1. Blockbuster is a dog (that won't hunt). Why didn't SK buy Sprint when it was struggling and on the block?

    Too many Korean M&A brain farts... system overload!

  2. Funny how Netflix's missteps have made Blockbuster look appealing again.


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