Saturday, March 5, 2011



Over at Seoul Eats, foodie-blogger and all-around-good-guy Daniel Gray has a cute video showing Alice Shin, the winner of the P.F. Chang blogging contest, downing a live octopus, à la oldboy. Okay, it's a smaller octopus than the one in the movie, but Alice Shin appears to be a smaller person as well, so it's all good.


Apologies to Alice Shin herself, as I'm probably picking the most unflattering stills from the video. Because to me this is an ode to the eight-legged one, not the woman devouring it. Sure, there's probably the story of a marathon struggle of her own in there as well, but I usually root for the underpod (at one point before consumption it appears to attempt escape).


Me, I prefer my live raw octopus sliced up. Whole live octopus is dare food. Like kimchi-flavored Everclear, pŏndegi, or Cheetos.

Also, I would have checked with my food-mates first to make sure they're up on their first aid, particularly the Heimlich maneuver.

Oh, and if Daniel Gray ever invites you to take a tour of Noryangjin Fish Market with him, take him up on it.

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