Friday, March 18, 2011

Orange County finder #2011-01

I'm in California for Spring Break getting some important stuff done.

If you're from SoCal I would hope this is an easy Finder.


  1. I'm not from Orange County but have a sibling there and am a fan of the Ducks. Does that count? lol

    Anyways, it kinda looks like the church in SJC to me.

    I usually know SoCal better than this but I haven't been back in a while so I might be wrong on that.

  2. I was gonna say....this looks like the home of the swallows (birds, that is).

  3. It is indeed the Stone Church at Mission San Juan Capistrano, destroyed in an earthquake in 1824.

    So yeah, BuckyHermit, that does count.

  4. Mission San Juan Capistrano is one of my favorite places to take visitors to Orange County or Southern California. After the Mission, we get a bite to eat and then usually head to the tide pools in Dana Point.

  5. Oh, the famous annual "Return of the Swallows" referenced by LastnameKim above actually occurred this past Saturday.

    By the way, my uncle's euphemism for vomiting was "return of the swallows."


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