Friday, March 20, 2009

Beijing summons Kim Jong-il

Beijing has requested that Dear Leader Kim Jong-il pay a visit to China in mid-April, and North Korean prime minister Kim Yong-il (no relation — except by bear) is in the Chinese capital possibly making arrangements.

The trip — by train since Fatman Shady is reportedly afraid to fly — would come after the launch of whatever projectile he's planning to shoot into space sometime between April 4 and 8; so it's not about talking him out of shooting off a missile that might upset Washington, Tokyo, and Seoul and reveal that Beijing doesn't have as much control over Pyongyang as they suggest they do.

Monster Island wonders: What will be on his itinerary? Another trip to Guangzhou? Will Clint Howard be hired on to play his double, just in case someone decides to bomb his train again?

[Note to North Korea ruling cadre if you're reading: Now's the time to join the brown parade.]

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  1. ooo I wonder what the Son of Heaven wants with the little 'Fat Revisionist' this time.


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