Friday, March 20, 2009

Recycled 2006 post on the vernal equinox

As of 11:44 a.m. UTC/GMT (8:44 p.m. Korea/Japan Standard Time/UTC+9) on March 20, the sun will be crossing the Equator and it will officially be springtime in the Northern Hemisphere.

This moment, called the vernal equinox, is known in Korean as ch'unbun (춘분/春分; chunbun in NAKL Retrograde/Revised Romanization). According to my iPhone, it's 10°C (that's 50°F for those of you in Rio Linda), which isn't all that cold, but it may not feel so springlike.

In honor of that "why is it still so cold?" spirit, and out of complete laziness on my part, I hereby recycle my ch'unbun post from 2006. Enjoy!

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