Sunday, March 15, 2009

Little help needed at UCI

Just as we hear news that the Census Bureau is the only organization in America hiring, along comes another job opportunity to go door to door and bother people for their own good.
UC Irvine is looking for up to fifty part-time interviewers to help with the National Children's Study, a major study of "how environmental factors influence the health and development of children." 

People who are bilingual in Korean (or Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, or Farsi) are especially desirable for this position, which pays $15.56 to $18.47 per hour. Obviously you need to be in the Orange County area to do this. 

Application here. Or call Dr Haiou Yang at 949-824-8044 or 949-824-4223. 

And when did we stop using parentheses for area codes and just making it a de facto part of the phone number separated by a dash? 

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