Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They can't do this, can they?

In a follow-up to this story, the Korea Times is speculating that singer-actor-songwriter-producer-dancer-model-racer Rain may be barred from disposing of property in Korea because of an $8 million judgement awarded against Rain by a US Federal court in Hawaii.

The KT specifically mentioned an 11 billion won property in Ch'ŏngdam-dong (청담동; Cheongdam-dong), which is equal to about $8 million right now.

Rain's agency, the KT reports, says it would be impossible for the plaintiff, concert promoter Lee Seung-su, to put a hold on Korea-based properties over a US-based judgement:
The seizure of JYT's real estate in the U.S. and here may be possible, but the request to attach Rain's Korean property is impossible according to Korean law. Click may be able to seize Rain's earnings through William Morris.
At first I thought that KT was just pulling stuff out of their butt, which essentially what story sessions are at many Korean news agencies, but they cite (not quote) Lee's company, Click, as saying that a "provisional" seizure was possible while they bring the US court ruling into evidence before a Korean court.

All I can say is, "Holy crap!" I actually own property in Korea*, and I had planned to marry and divorce a series of attractive young women in the United States, anticipating that my assets in Korea were untouchable. I hope this Rain douchebag's case doesn't set a precedent.

Damn you and your sexy dance moves, Rain!

[above: If lawyers ask, this is what my home/office in central Seoul looks like.]

* If you don't think you can purchase or afford property in Seoul, ask me how.

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