Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tangshine olgure!

Sitemeter data is fun. I can see why and from where hundreds of people come to my blog each day. A large chunk is in search of images, especially shark-related images. Some come looking for pictures of nude octogenarians (Sitemeter data is also disturbing).

Some translate posts into other languages, mostly Korean or Japanese. This person decided to translate into Korean this helpful post about how to safely store personal sex pics and video. I'm fairly certain the reader gave up after the first convoluted sentence was beaten into hamburger meat by the Google Translator, but what struck me as funny was how "In your face!" was literally translated as, "당신의 얼굴에!", which I think I'm going to start using as a catch phrase. ("Yeah! Tangshine ŏlgure, muther fu¢ker!")

But what do you expect from an interpreter program so woefully inadequate that it translates "high school" as "높은 학교": literally a school that is high.

[If you ever get a paper from your students that sounds like gibberish uttered by a drunken parrot, it's a good bet that it was something originally written in Korean that had been put through the word-grinder. A newbie English teacher I know (Korean) who was put in charge of her high school's English "newspaper" had a couple students submit such articles.]

[This post had no point.]

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