Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ling and Lee to be tried in Pyongyang for illegal entry and hostile acts against North Korea

In an update to this story, Current TV reporters Euna Lee and Laura Ling will be tried in Pyongyang for illegal entry into North Korea and hostile acts. According to an official statement from North Korea:
The illegal entry of U.S. reporters into the DPRK and their suspected hostile acts have been confirmed by evidence and their statements.
So they apparently "confessed," eh? I wonder if North Korea uses waterboarding or some such method of extracting whatever information it is that you want to extract.  I'll bet the chivalrous Ditch Mitch Koss (their colleague who managed to make it back to the Chinese side) is glad he beat those two back across the Tumen River. 

This is probably of no interest to anyone but me, but whenever I type "Laura Ling," my fingers involuntarily start typing "Linda Lingle," who is the Republican governor of governor of very blue-state Hawaii, and is in no way related to this story, except that North Korea is planning to launch a missile that could hit her state

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