Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are we leaving Iraq too soon?

I did not support going to war in Iraq when we did or how we did, but I did feel that if we were going to do it, we should do it right and stay in until we were able to leave the place safe and secure (and hopefully not hating us). 

In early 2008, I had hoped for a candidate who had opposed the war in the beginning (when it was not popular) but who wasn't going to pull troops out prematurely (even though in 2008 that was not a popular position). That candidate did not exactly materialize, though it seems President Obama is looking at things more pragmatically and less idealistically than candidate Obama did.

Toward that end, there's an op-ed piece in today's Los Angeles Times by John P. Hannah, former Vice President Dick Cheney's national security adviser, asking whether we are leaving Iraq before the job is done.  

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