Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day, again! [prolly NSFW]

Another March, another St. Patrick's Day. As usual, I shall recycle earlier St. Paddy's posts. The best onethe pale imitation, and the one where I phoned it in.

(The last link includes a picture of Irish-Korean American Moon Bloodgood... Erin Goryeo Bragh!)

In the first link, I listed ways in which Koreans are the Irish of Asia, but after discussions with my friend and dorm neighbor "U" from Milano, I'm more convinced than ever that Koreans are the Italians of Asia. To wit:
  1. Italy and Korea are both peninsulas. 
  2. Both have a diet rich in seafood and garlic. 
  3. Both are industrial heavy-hitters despite having a large portion of people who seem to take all-day siestas. 
  4. They each picked the wrong horse during World War II (I kid! I kid!).
  5. Parliaments that can't seem to get their shit together. 
  6. Dark-haired, light-skinned beauty is the national aesthetic ideal. 
  7. Most of the touristy stuff is really, really old. 
  8. Loads of Catholics and a history of martyrs. 
  9. Hot-headedness seems to be, if not a virtue, at least an accepted trait.
  10. Abysmally low fertility rates. 
  11. Have you seen people drive in Italy?
  12. Bookends on the Silk Road.
  13. Island volcanoes.
  14. Thanks to cinema, both are heavily associated with gangsters. 
  15. Pretty danged corrupt, considering how economically advanced they are. 
  16. Marco Polo came back from East Asia and told the Europeans that a bunch of Korean stuff was actually Chinese (not a similarity, but I did need to get that off my chest). 
  17. Despite years of learning English, Italians can't speak English worth a damn either (I kid! I kid!). 
  18. In English, Korea ends with an a but Italy does not; in the native tongue, Italy's name ends with an a but Korea's does not.
  19. Booth ran from a theatre to a warehouse; Oswald ran from a warehouse to a theatre.
I'll finish this post with a wildly inappropriate holiday-themed picture that is decidedly NSFW, but since it's Saturday, you shouldn't be at work anyway.

Her yellow necklace means she's open to hugging and kissing.
Her green necklace means she's "willing to do '69.'"

Erin go braless...


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