Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trayvon Martin's killer is a Democrat

This is not Trayvon Martin.
But you might have been told it is.

When Obama went to bat for Trayvon Martin and his family, to many Republicans and conservatives that was not a cue that we should open a dialogue on racial tension, but rather a signal that they should do whatever possible to uphold shooter George Zimmerman and praise his actions, while simultaneously smearing the name and reputation of Trayvon Martin.

Now some partisans on the right are filled with glee because, according to the Washington Free Beacon, George Zimmerman has turned out to be a registered Democrat!

Democratic President Barack Obama has been trying for years to get the Republicans to see eye to eye with him on anything, but the right's defense of George Zimmerman proves one thing: The only way for a Democrat to get support from conservatives is to shoot a Black kid.

Yeah, yeah. I pulled this out of the "Probably too soon" files. Anyway, it is utterly irrelevant that he's a Democrat. Zimmerman had an itchy trigger finger and, apparently, a propensity for thinking Black kids in his neighborhood were "up to no good," even when that wasn't true. It doesn't matter whether he was a Dem or a Republican, whether he voted for Obama or McCain.

On the other hand, I do find it unlikely that he'd be a Democrat. The concealed weapon, the tendency to blame Blacks for crime, etc., all point to more conservative viewpoints. It's not impossible that he'd be a Democrat, but just terribly unlikely.

Consequently, I have to wonder whether the evidence at the Washington Free Beacon is genuine (since we've discovered that the Allen Goin/Coon photo was a hoax, as well as some of the Trayvon Martin pictures, like the one way up at top). I mean, something purely computer-generated like that would be extremely easy to doctor up, and the potential "gotcha" to Trayvon's supporters ("Ha ha! Zimmerman is one of you guys!") would be tempting even if it weren't true.

The real tragedy is that the opportunity for dialogue over the Trayvon Martin case, or even Allen Goin's case, is hopelessly lost in many circles now.



  1. This is beyond horrifying if it is true.

    That's 17 "TRILLION" dollars and now you have another 17 trillion more reasons why I don't care for either political party and all phony baloney religions. They are all about greed and power over the helpless.

    Sadly, I find myself turning more and more to the ways of the Doomsday Prepper
    as I expect less and less (for more and more) from those "running" the world into the ground.

    Well, I have to get back to studying up on duckweed, raising talapia, and hand digging a water well. At least it beats trying to figure out all that nonsense going on in Washington in my best interests which never actually seem to be.

    1. John, you're a long-time reader, so I'll cut you some slack, but this is wholly off topic. From both an author's and an administrator's perspective, that's a very frustrating to deal with.

      Surely I must have had some Obamacare-related post somewhere where you could have put this comment up.

      Anyway, I'll wait a couple days before getting outraged, since anti-Obama operatives who have suddenly find new costs to Obamacare (or other programs) don't exactly have a stellar track record. In fact, your "article" appears to be repeating the same error Sessions alluded to in the Fact Check I just linked.

      And it's a $17 trillion funding gap over how long? Seventy-five years? Sixty-five years? Five years? I think I'll wait to see how this pans out before I reply any more.

      But I will say I disagree with your conclusion. Judging by the past twelve years or so, when Republicans bring us $1 trillion of spending we can't afford, it's for elective wars in far-flung areas. When Democrats do it, it's for giving people health care. I think the latter goes more toward helping "the helpless."

      Tilapia, by the way, may be an unhealthy type of fish.

  2. We have Obama on one end of the justice spectrum and the slime balls in Ukrainian politics on the other.

    By the way, I'm positive this one is not a hoax. And I can't believe it, but I find myself siding with the Communists in regards to the death penalty in this case.

  3. I had not heard about that case. That is indeed a horribly unimaginable tragedy.

    It is a sign that I've been reading too many conservative sites, but I must admit that when I saw your link I started scouring it for signs that the perpetrators were immigrants or something.

    Such sites tend to highlight and spread news of crime when they involve immigrants or Blacks or Hispanics. When the Hispanic is the victim, however, there is a sudden defense of Hispanics in the face of Blacks, as in the case of George Zimmerman. Had Mr Zimmerman been the alleged perpetrator and the shooting victim Anglo (that's what we in California sometimes use to describe non-Hispanic Caucasians), it would be a different story.

    Expect, for example, for there to be an outcry for the Hispanic kid in this story. If it turns out he or his parents are undocumented, though, some may go rogue and cheer on the Black kids who severely injured the guy.

    And no, I'm not kidding. And yes, I agree this does not represent all conservatives or even all conservatives who frequent conservative news sites and blogs.

    Anyway, I appreciate your comment, but I think your talk of attacks being hoaxes or not might have been more appropriate at this post. Sure, it would then be one of thirty comments, but trust me, that post is getting a lot of eyeballs right now (for longer than most posts, which indicates they are digging through the comments as well).

  4. Please for the love of whoever you bow down to, stop saying that the Allen Goin picture was a hoax, by definition, a hoax is something done with the intent to deceive the public. We were not trying to deceive anyone, we were deceived. It was an accident, as you well know, but yet you continue to refer to it as a hoax. We admitted our mistake, and apologized. Yet you refuse to believe it and continue to slander us as if we did it on purpose full well knowing it wasn't a mistake. That is just not true, and your deceptive and inflammatory remarks are uncalled for. You have lost what ethics you ever did have. Also, since you want to bring up racism, and political parties, KKK was a hand of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, not the conservative Republicans. j/s ~RC

    1. It was a hoax whether intended or not.

      Republicans tend to be more racist than Democrats and history is in the past. You have to look at the now and where both parties stand in terms of racial politics. Even John McCain was a victim of this during the 2004 election where Bush strategist Karl Rove claimed that he had a black daughter out of wedlock. What he was actually referring to was McCain's adopted INDIAN daughter. The same goes for John Huntsman and how some in the Republican party tried to use his adopted Chinese child against him. The fact that these tactics work show that there is a greater tolerance for them on the Republican side. Liberal racism does exist, but is not as blatant as what I have seen from some Republicans.


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